Consign With Us!

Consigning with 3B's Fine Furniture is as Easy as 1-2-3 :


1)  Email (preferred) us at or bring a photo of any item you wish to consign. Include information about the brand of the item, the approximate price paid or value, age of the item, or any other descriptive information which will help us in establishing the price.


2)  Once we receive your email, we will respond within 3-5 business days to let you know if we will take your item and arrange a date and time for you to bring it in.  Please note, we cannot guarantee that we will take items until we inspect it in person as photos do not show all imperfections.

3)  Download and print our consignment agreement and review our terms.  You will receive 50% of the final price paid for your item.  We will keep the item for 120 days, with a 50% reduction in price at 90 days, If it is not sold by the end of that time you may return to pick it up or it becomes the property of 3B's Fine Furniture Consignment.  It is the responsibilty  of the owner to pick up their items at the contract expiration date. We do not offer to pick up of furniture but can provide names of movers that our customers and consignors have provided to us.  All furniture delivered to store must be clean, be free of damage and be ready for the showroom floor. 3B's does NOT do furniture restoration or repair. All furniture delivered to the store must come in with a signed and initialed Consignment Agreement indicating that you understand and agree to all terms and conditions. Please see the Consignment Agreement for full details.

At 3 B's we pride ourselves on being selective, therefore we only take quality furniture, accessories, artwork, rugs, and jewelry in the best condition.  Items that are damaged, show signs of heavy wear or that we deem to be something we cannot sell for you will not be accepted.  We are in business to sell your treasured items.  We only take the best, keeping our showroom full of great quality pieces that customers visit over and over again!